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Calming heating pads are a must-have for quality rest in hectic days... Are you ready to relax, recover and revive?

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Safe remedies for you and your family

The Heating Pads

We strongly believe that our families are our biggest value. What can be more heart-warming than seeing our kids and grandkids happy and healthy? We do want to keep our loved ones well safely and effectively.

Here in The Heating Pads, we are passionate believers in natural and drugless pain relief remedies. Remedies that are healthful and time-proven. Reliable and quality solutions that help both physically and mentally.

That are versatile and equally effective for kids and adults.

And it’s all about soothing heat.

Calming Heat Pads Made Easy!

Heating Pad

We believe that effectiveness and convenience shall walk hand-in-hand. Microwavable heating pads are extremely easy and convenient to use. No cords, no plugs, no restrictions in movements. You are free to do favourite activities, spend time with a family, or just relax comfortably. Because your convenience matters.

Our story

The Heating Pads with Founders

Hi, I’m Alina and I’m a founder of The Heating Pads.

Holding down a corporate job for years, what I eventually ended up was a burnout.
It was a turning point to make a drastic change in my life. A chance to switch to something that I would really love doing.
After being permanently stressed and exhausted, I was dreaming of a business that would be bringing relaxation and recovery. Something that would make others enjoy.

With loving support of my husband Jayson, we founded The Heating Pads. Now we are happy to share our remedies with you. A natural cure that helps physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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The Heating Pads with herbsHeating pads support full, vital, and healthy life. Having stress, tension, pain, aching, or stiffness? Try some heat. It promotes an overall relaxation, helps to reinstate emotional balance, and restores energy. Heating pads improve sleep quality and promote better rest and recovery. And cold applications reduce inflammation, swelling, comfort sprains and strains.

Scented pads are loaded with aromatic herbs and provide aromatherapy benefits - all right in the comfort of your own home. And yes, they are amazingly fragrant.

Are you ready? Our journey begins – to relax, recover and revive with calming heat pads!

With love,
The Heating Pads