Moist Heating: Relax When You Need It Most.

Moist Heating

Moist heating is a reliable way to get proper rest, recover and revive

We dream of it… Truly relaxing time after a long hectic day. When we are not worried of anything, not disturbed by anything. Quiet, serene, and peaceful.

But what if having quality rest turns into a dream?

Then moist heating becomes the right and timely decision.

Heating pads are a well-known remedy for relaxation and pain alleviation. With that, they are also effective for stress relief and productivity boost. Furthermore, they are easily available for everyone. Not only in spa salons, but even in your own home. Any time you need it.

Heat pack therapy provides nearly countless benefits:

  • Targeted heat applications can help to dull acute and chronic pain.
  • Heat relieves muscle spasms and mitigate arthritis pain.
  • It releases tension, reduces stiffness and improves blood circulation to the sore areas.
  • Adding fragrant herbs brings in aromatherapy effect. It helps to mitigate headaches, enhance sleep, and improve overall rest quality.
  • And it’s just a good way to have your entire body relaxed. To reset your mind and recharge. Nothing would stop you enjoying relaxation and comfort when you need it.
  • The key is moist heating is a safe, natural, and eco-friendly remedy easily available in stores. There are plenty of various options you can find on the market. So it's easy to find the solution for different budget, taste, and preferences.

Need an urgent heat application? In this case you can make your own heating pad at home. In a quick and effortless way.

A heating pad can be as simple and basic as… just a hot towel. No expenses involved.

  • Grab your towel, fold it lengthwise and wet till it’s damp. Then just place it in a microwave-safe bag. Heat up for a few seconds - and that’s it!
  • Once ready, you can use it as any other heating pad.
  • You can do this trick with any available cloth. For the same effect try an old scarf, mittens or even socks. It will do the job as a regular heat wrap would.

A few minutes on the couch with moist heating pad on your shoulders… It will do wonders - with you feeling recovered and well rested.

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