How Do Moist Heating Pads Work?

Moist Heating Pads

Moist heating pads are an effective pain remedy used for ages.

We are familiar with heat applications since childhood. Grabbing hot compress to reduce pain, release cramps, ease stiff muscles… Intuitively and by experience, we know that it helps.

Heat therapy is the answer. Heat is one of the ancient remedies for pain management. It’s been known to people for centuries. It is commonly used to ease aching, pain, reduce stiffness and tension.

Using moist heating pads is one of the thermotherapy methods. It’s a simple and convenient way to try heat therapy in practice. Quick and easy, you can do heat applications at your convenient time at home, office, or even when driving a car.

Heat has a special effect on the body. Warming up soft tissues, it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. It brings the oxygen and nutrients supply up to the sore areas. Eventually, it stimulates healing and starts the recovery process.

Moist heating pads will soothe the tissues and reduce neck and back pain. It’s effective for muscles aching, relieving arthritis symptoms, and releasing menstrual cramps.

Aside from sore areas, heating has a positive effect on the entire body. It promotes relaxation, restores energy, and enhances emotional balance.

Imagine spending a few minutes on the couch with your heating pad. It helps to rest after a long day and gives refresh.

Often, heating pads are supplemented with fragrant herbs for an aromatherapy effect. They help reduce stress, recover and boost productivity. Better quality sleep comes as an added bonus with quality relaxation.

There are occasions when thermotherapy is not suitable.
Heat shall not be used to fresh injuries. Widening blood vessels, heating may increase swelling and inflammation.

Instead, place your heating pad into the freezer. Once it’s cooled, do cold applications for the first 24-48 hours. After that, you can switch to heat therapy to encourage the healing process.
People with heat sensitivity shall not use any form of thermotherapy.

Also, pregnant women can’t apply heat to the abdomen or pelvic area.

Other than that, heat is an effective help for pain management – while being a safe, natural, and eco-friendly cure.

Heat has a special positive effect on our health. And moist heating pads remain an all-time favorite home remedy for pain treatment. Sometimes doing nearly wonders at no cost.

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