Hot Towel For Neck Pain: Help On The Go!

Hot Towel For Neck Pain

A hot towel for neck pain is the quickest emergency help.

You might be in the mid of something. Doing home activities, cleaning, cooking. Just a sudden wrong move…ouch! A sharp pain shoots through your neck at a very unexpected moment. Neck pain can catch you off guard and absolutely unprepared.

A hot towel for neck pain will be an effortless help always under your hand!

Thermotherapy is a long-know remedy for pain management. These days it’s as easy and affordable as never. Heating pads, hot bottles, hot baths, or showers – the variety of choices are nearly countless.

Yet, on some days pain can be a sudden visitor. Exactly when you have none of these around. This is when on-the-go tools come into play.

A hot towel for neck pain can make a great basic heat pad.

The steps of using your towel for heating are elementary:

  • Grab the towel of your preferred size.
    It can be as small as you like, or as large as you need. The towel shall be sufficient to cover the sore spot – or the entire shoulders if required.
  • Wet the towel in water and then squeeze it.
    It shall be damp but not wet for a more convenient application.
  • Place the damp towel into the plastic bag.
    The bag will prevent you from getting wet during heat application. It will also provide some level of protection from the heat.
  • Microwave your towel for 1 minute and check the heat level by hand.
    If you feel you need it warmer, heat it longer in 30 seconds intervals.
    Let the towel cool if you feel it got too hot.
  • Your homemade heat pack is ready!
    Just place it to the soreness and let heat do the work.
    You can place another – dry - towel on your shoulders for additional protection against the heat.

A hot towel for neck pain is a quick and simple homemade remedy. And an excellent urgent help when you have nothing under your hand.

It might happen that in an emergency you’ll need as quick options as possible. This is when pre-made heating pads shine in their best light. A microwaveable heating pad will take care of you at any time. Let it be your best weapon for sudden pain attacks!

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