Herniated Disc Heating Pad: Makes The Difference For Back Pain!

 Herniated Disc Heating Pad

A herniated disc heating pad helps to beat hernia pain.

Herniated discs are a widely spread problem familiar to many people. You may experience pain, numbness, or tingling. It may result in arm or leg pain as well. The positive thing is that symptoms tend to improve over time. And no surgery is usually necessary.

A herniated disc heating pad becomes a great support to handle the condition!

Back pain pads are usually an effective self-help tool to manage pain.

A herniated disc may occur at any part of the spine. However, most often it happens in the lower back or neck. The pain level usually varies. Some people may have no symptoms at all. And others feel sharp, burning aching radiating from the spine.

A herniated disc heating pad, in this case, can work as a natural self-care tool. You can use it hot, cold, or alternate for better results.

Heat and cold therapy are commonly used to manage pain. It also helps alleviate muscle tension that is commonly present with herniated discs.

Heat loosens muscle stiffness and releases cramps. Dilates blood vessels and increases circulation. As a result, the tissues receive abundant oxygen and nutrient supply. Which, in its turn, improves their elasticity.

Hot pads also work as natural pain relievers. Heat stimulates sensory receptors on the skin surface. It blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. We perceive it as the reduction of pain level - and feel relief.

A herniated disc heating pad, when used cold, can instead reduce circulation. Cold application decreases local tissue temperature. Altogether, it creates an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. And brings the pain level down.

Alternating between heat and cold can help to benefit from both recovery methods. Once the symptoms appear, place a back heating pad on the soreness. Repeat it throughout the day in convenient time intervals. You are free to do your other activities with a pad on, or just chill out and let the treatment work.

The help is near. When having pain, grab a herniated disc heating pad and put it on. The pad will surround you with warmth, promoting relief and comfort!

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