Heating Pad For Period Cramps: “Ready To Serve Your Faithfully!”

Heating Pad For Period Cramps

A heating pad for period cramps is meant to make those days easier!

Sometimes a calendar reminder is not needed. A way before, you may start feeling pulling pain in the lower abs. It may be stronger or milder, but always disturbing and annoying. Yes, it means that: periods are coming. And guess what?

A heating pad for period cramps can be a reliable cure on your “special” days.

Heat is a time-proven natural remedy for pain control. Period pain is not the exception.

Period heating pads are a popular home remedy known for years. Heat applications on the lower abdomen or lower back are simple, reliable, and effective. They help relax muscles, reduce contractions, and ease aching. Most of the time in a drugless and natural way.

A heating pad for period cramps uses the effect of thermotherapy.

Usually, pain occurs right before or at the beginning of menstruation. It’s caused by the uterine contractions and constriction of blood vessels in the myometrium (muscle tissue of the uterus).

The way how it works is heat penetrates deep into tissues. It increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles. As the uterine, in the essence, is a big muscle, it behaves accordingly. And like any muscle, it gets relaxed with heat treatments.

In addition, a period heating pad can dilate blood vessels. Myometrium receives abundant blood flow together with oxygen and nutrients supply. It normalizes the uterus condition, and we feel almost instant results.

But that’s not it.

Heat by itself performs as a natural analgesic. The feeling of the soothing heat on the skin stimulates the sensory receptors. It blocks pain signals sent to the brain, and it feels like mitigation and relief.

A heating pad for period cramps can create an overall feeling of comfort. This is another remarkable quality of heat. Placing it to the lower ab and getting cozy on the bed, you get pain relief and a chance to relax. The pad will warm you up and surround with ease and care.

Period pain doesn’t have to be an ordeal. A period heating pad will reduce the discomfort – and help relax and revive sooner!

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