Heating Pad For Cramps: How To Release Periods Pain.

Heating Pad For Cramps

Heating pads for cramps are an effective remedy for periods pain.

Many of us know what it’s like… Muscle cramps, pain, and discomfort on our “special” days. They can break all plans and spoil the day.

80% of women have ever had period cramps. 3 in 4 people experience it just before or during their periods.

This is when a heating pad for cramps will do a good job.

The reason of period pain is uterine cramps. Typically, they last for about one to three days. Heating pads can help relax tensed muscles and alleviate pain.

Heat works effectively as a natural way of pain management for ages. It’s helpful for pain relief due to the ability to increase blood circulation. As a result, it softens tight muscles and brings the pain level down. With period cramps, heat applications relax strained uterine muscles that cause discomfort.

Heating pads for cramps are offered in a large variety of options on the market. You just need to decide what kind of heat source you prefer. Another criterion could be a pad size that would suit you best.

There are two most common types of heating pads for cramps. Probably you heard about them before: microwaveable and electric.

Electric pads have a powered heating element and shall be plugged into the socket. Microwavable models are filled with a heat-retaining interior that absorbs heat.

Your period heating pad needs to be a sufficient size. It shall cover most of your abdomen to work effectively.

Heating pads are extremely easy to use. All you need is to put it to the lower abdomen. If you use a microwavable pad, heat it up before applying. Usually, it’s about 2 mins heating on high, or as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Another way of using heating pads is combining them with essential oils. Oils are a great natural remedy for period pain. They work well together with targeted heat applications, going deeper into the skin.

Massage diluted oil into your abdomen for about a minute. Once done, apply a heating pad for cramps over it and let it work. Heat will boost the skin’s absorption of the oil and double its effect.

Period pain is disturbing but a pretty common thing. A bit of self-care and natural help with a heating pad for cramps will make it a way easier!

Having those days again? Not something that would break your plans.

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