DIY Microwave Heat Pack: How To Make It In Minutes.

DIY Microwave Heat Pack

A DIY microwave heat pack will be the swiftest project you’ve ever done.

There are plenty of heating pads you can buy everywhere. What if you want to make your own heating pad? Nothing can be easier!

A DIY microwave heat pack can be the easiest project you've ever had.

Some of us experienced this - suddenly got hit by pain. And there is no heating pad around. An emergency option would be… a ziplock bag and uncooked rice.

A DIY microwave heat pack needs just it, simple and quick.

  • Grab a freezer bag, check that it’s a microwaveable type.
  • Fill it with ¾ full of rice grains and seal it shut.
  • Now just heat it in the microwave for 1-2 mins. A DIY microwave heat pack is ready!
  • Wrap it in a hand towel for a comfortable feel. Then just apply to the sore area and let it work.

Sometimes making a DIY microwave heat pack is not an urgent thing, but a planned project. If you have time for crafting, it’s an easy sewing exercise.

Here is a brief guide how you can do it:

  • No patterns are needed. Cut 2 pieces of cloth in the size or shape you like. Leave a seam allowance of about ½”.It can be a regular square, rectangular, a tube shape. Or make it rounded or crescent for neck and shoulder applications.
  • Now sew the cloth along the seamline. Leave one of the sides open to put the filling in. You can use uncooked rice or anything from your pantry. Buckwheat, flax seeds, barley, oats or beans are a good choice either. Include it into your heating pad interior and give it a try.
  • For enhanced effect insert into the bag some of the fragrant herbs. Herbs will get activated by heat and provide aromatherapy benefits. Many herbs work as headache soothers. Try adding lavender, rose petals, rosemary, cinnamon, mint to see the effect.

Fabrics for DIY microwave heat pack are typically inexpensive and natural. Cotton is a common and convenient choice for this project.

You can pick a brand-new fabric to meet your preferences. Or just re-use some of the old clothing, socks, washcloths, and old towels.

You can make a pad with a removable washable outer pouch. Any fabric of your choice will work here. It also can make a heat pack an excellent handmade gift.

Once you filled the pad with the interior, sew the remaining opening closed. Keep filler pushed to the opposite side of the bag while sewing.

And voila – your project is ready! Now you have a heat pack that’s available to you any time.

Can’t spare time for crafting yet? Stores offer a wide variety of heating pads for any taste and preference. Enjoy quality rest, relaxation, and recovery – with a heating pad by your side!

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