DIY Heating Pad: Reliable Help In No Time At All.

DIY Heating Pad

A DIY heating pad is an effortless project if you want to make it yourself. Or if you need some heat urgently and have no pad available by your side.

Sometimes back or neck pain catches us unprepared. This is when emergency self-care is needed the most. Found no pain relief remedies under your hand?

A DIY heating pad will be a quick solution.

One of the heating pad benefits is that it is natural and effective. Using a heating pad for back pain helps to improve the condition significantly. It relieves sore neck, back, releases pain and tension in muscles.

Heat increases blood flow to the sore areas. It results in reduced spasms and helps soft tissues to relax.

Thermotherapy is also effective help for menstrual cramps and urinary tract. Apply some heat when you start feeling pain or discomfort and relax. Give it a few minutes to work to ease the condition. You will notice improvement and relief in a pretty short time.

You can make a DIY heating pad within a few minutes. Here are two simple ways to try.

  • A heating pad with towels.

You can make a heat pack with hand towels and a ziplock bag. Wet towels with water and squeeze until they are just damp. Put one towel into a ziplock bag leaving it open. Place it in the microwave and heat on high for 2 minutes.

Once done and removed from the microwave, seal the ziplock bag.
Wrap the other towel around the bag.

Your DIY heating pad is ready! Just apply it to the sore area and let it work. Heat should last for about 20 minutes. Reheat it if needed.

  • A rice sock.

As simple as it is. A rice sock is a convenient alternative for a neck heating pad.

Literally, it can be just a sock filled with rice. Once done, close the sock opening by sewing or using a rubber band. Microwave it for 2 minutes on high – and that’s it!

Here is another handy version of a DIY heating pad, quick and easy.

If you like, insert some of the fragrant herbs into the pad. The aromatherapy effect will allow you to relax with more comfort.

Need some healing recovery but got no time for crafting? There are plenty of choices on the market you can choose from. To get stress relief, restore your energy and enjoy your priceless break – with as little as a microwave hot pack!

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